A combination of my photographs translated into illustrations, a few others images translated into illustrations (credits are included in final project) a couple cartoon drawings that capture several ideas into one graphic, some physical stuff and a couple regular old photos (credits included in final project). Some of the illustrations are half hand painted and half digitally painted, those images are printed on photo paper so they could be physical objects in these photographs of page layouts. 

This is a school project only, I have no plans to do anything but call it a school project, distribute it, print it, publish it anywhere other than here and school. The pages were laid out with a left boarder (cropped here) for printing and assemblage to book form. 
I would like to add a narrative layer to the piece. If you have some ideas for such a thing, let me know perhaps we can collaborate.


  1. I love them all! As a body of work they are terrific.
    I also love having shared many of those memories with you.

  2. Thank you very much! :-D


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