MONKEY TREE!!, originally uploaded by Qathi.
Upon spotting a monkey tree, one declares MONKEY TREE, points it out (which is a newer rule) and then may pinch (or grope if you're all grown ups) the person next to them. No front seat/backseat, only one pinch per tree per trip - which means you've made your complete journey (also a new rule). Drivers can't drive around the block to get in more pinches.

I try to play fair giving newly initiated people a few passes to learn how to identify monkey trees and become familiar with the rules before I begin with the pinches or gropes.

I am a specially trained Monkey Tree spotter; nothing gets by me.

For more on the Moneky Tree (or more commonly the monkey-puzzle tree) here is the wiki.


  1. I knew I wasn't being crazy when I'd shout out "monkey tree!" then pinch my friends. my parents would do it to me when I was just a kid, so now 20something years later I started doing it to my friends. much like punch buggie, or pinch pickle...


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