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I rarely, nay, I never write product reviews or anything like a product review, mostly because I don't buy anything I'm not going to eat (or socks). Today, however is different. This evening as I was skillfully avoiding my homework, I surfed the internet reading my favorite blogs, one of which lead me to a site so closely named to a private adult activity that I can't find again without burning my eye sockets out with pornography. (When I find the correct site in my browser history I'll post a citation.). Anyhoodle, the blogger had posted a recipe for a homemade salt scrub. As I read the recipe, I noted I have most of the ingredients or suitable replacements. I have tremendously dry skin, no moisturizer, not even my heavy prescription eucerin handles the flaky mess of my face (or the rest of my body for that matter). The best stuff I have used to treat the condition of my skin is straight shea butter, which I obtain from Oh, Kay… Shea. I understand that I cannot expect any moisturizer to act alone exfoliation is a helpful step. The scrub I have been using is not working, so I thought I would give this one a shot.

I utilize a quick and dirty GTD rule: If I can do it in two minutes or less, do it now (if I cannot, write it down for later). I decided to mix up a batch right then. The batch is small enough that if it did not work for me, it would be no great loss to my food stores to toss it out.

Stir together in a wide shallow jar.
1/4 tsp essential oil (scent) (I replaced with vanilla extract)
1/4 tsp ground pepper
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp kosher salt (I replaced this with pink sea salt)

Done! I set my new scrub aside for later.

As I prepared myself for bed I gave the new scrub a try. It smells amazing, the vanilla, pepper and honey is a nice combination; the consistency holds up well in the hand, not too gooey or drippy; the aggregate of the salt and pepper is small and comfortable on the face, unlike shells or larger salts, and is an aggressive polishing scrub. The finish of the honey and olive oil on my skin is dreamy; my face immediately felt smooth and soft, not tight and dry like it usually does after the walnut shell scrub I regularly use.

I got so excited about the awesome results of the scrub on my face I decide to conduct a test on my shins, another problem dry skin area. I used the salt on one leg and walnut on the other. The salt scrub is a bit aggressive for my shins; the experience was a bit stingy as I rinsed the scrub from my skin. However, the results compared to the walnut scrub I used on the other leg are night and day; my shin is polished and smooth, flaky skin free. Due to the stinginess of the salt scrub, I followed up with a slather of eucerin to calm down the light skin irritation I inflicted upon myself and all is well. Now I can see that I could stand to manage my two leg hairs, which were previously obstructed by dryness. I may mix up scrub replacing the salt with sugar to use on my limbs, as the aggregate is smaller and less likely to sting like a mo-fo if I scratch my hide by enthusiastic exfoliating.

I will definitely use the salt scrub on my face and hands! Thanks random home decor blog with an adult activities name!


  1. Anytime! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. ha!~....handjobforthehome.....luv that .....& thanx ...i also always in the market for a new scrub....=) i currently use the sugar based ones that victoria secret sells when on clearance...


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