Microgrant opportunities for emerging photographers

This makes my heart pitter patter with delight!

"Fototazo is a unique site combining social giving and photography. Its mission is to raise funds to purchase equipment for young, emerging photographers from economically disadvantaged backgrounds from around the world that demonstrate a high level of artistic ability and commitment. The grant process aims to serve those already building a career in photography whose development is currently limited by the inability to purchase necessary equipment."

I've sat on both sides of the table awarding, as well as relieving microgrants. Applying for a microgrant gives emerging talent an opportunity to walk through the grant process without laying their heart and soul on the table. As a board member of Ignition Northwest, and previous Arts Chairman, one of my happy jobs was to participate in awarding microgrants (as well as larger grants). Resourceful emerging talent can make a little go a long way =) I'm delighted to see another organization working with the microgrant structure - and I'm STOKED to see the photographers fototazo is supporting.

Please, pretty please with sugar on top, if you're in a position to do so, consider a donation to fototazo; if you're an emerging photographer, very seriously consider applying for a microgrant.

tip: Be honest on your application/propsal. The people reading your application can see through bullshit =)

tip: Ask questions. If you don't know WTF... ask.

tip: If you don't get it, ask why so that you can reapply another time with the information you've gleaned applied to your new proposal.


  1. this is awesome! thanks for finding this site!!!

  2. Will definitely check this out. Thanks!


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