A matter of personal record

My school has this coolio BBS type thing which is imensly handy. It's called Homeroom, and I've been able to log in since October when I became officially enrolled, even though I just started classes yesterday. The number one plea I have seen in the last four months has been in regards to lost thumb drives. Students proclaiming a lost or stolen thumbdrive, begging and pleading to the student body for it's safe recovery. The volume of these pleas amazes me to no end. An observant person might think to themselves, 'hum, mebs I should lable my shit.' The please keep rolling in. I'm boggled by it really. For the love of all things holy, and smart and responsible, I declare that I have labeled my thumb drive with my name phone number.

For posterity: In the event I misplace my thumb drive and I must plea to the student body to keep their eyes peeled for my stuff, a description and photo evidence follows. My thumb drive a little key shaped dealy, has a pink unicorn key cap on it, and has a Q etched on one side of the key-blade bit, my phone number and name on the other side. Attached to it is a silly pink and orange lanyard with a Q bead woven into it. If I lose track of this thing it'll likely be with my car/robot and house keys and my student ID. This could prove to be the dumbest idea of all time, it may be a completely awesome idea. We'll find out eh?

hopefully I'll never lose these


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