Animal Communicator?

To those who aren't "animal communicators" the idea of it probably sounds bunk - and your opinion is yours.

The love of my life, JuneBug (my 14 year old cat), went out for an evening constitutional/walk about on Friday, January 21, 2011 and hasn't made it home yet. I think she has a minor paw injury and is afraid to walk on it even though she can. We have other kitty roommates who are picking on her, I think she's afraid to come home to them while she is hurt.

I am asking her "to go home like people would go", by way of the front yards, and telling her I have made special safe space for her in our house.

I'm reaching out to any animal lovers/communicators to vibe out to JuneBug to encourage her to be brave and get out to where I can find her.

While your at it, turn to your cat, dog, hammie, bird, bun, snake or what ever critter you share your life with and ask them to help guide her home.

Thank you.
Kookily yours


  1. I went upstairs where Carl is laying on his rug and looking out the window just now. He is about 18 and is the spitting image of Ladybug. I talked to him and asked if he could do anything to help Ladybug find her way back. It is worth a try. I hope this turns out well for the two of you.

    rp johnson


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