What I Learned

Snippets of wisdom! The Denver Egoist has run a series of blog posts from design industry professionals answering the question of what they learned in 2010.  While the posts are referring to Marketing and Design creatives, many of these sentiments may be applied to any form of "creative".

"Not one art buyer I’ve talked to likes HDR. Also, they don’t seem to like iPad’s as your portfolio. Use it as a supplement to your book, instead."

‎"Logic stifles creativity."

Sometimes it’s better to fight for the things you want. Creative arguments are healthy and good for the soul. Some of the best Creative Directors I’ve ever met around the world haven’t been insecure bastards who just want you to agree with them. They don’t necessarily want you to say yes...they just want to know why you’ve made certain choices in your work. Stand up for what you believe in and what you’ve created. Do not be afraid to say where you’re coming from and how you got there. Just don’t be a jerk about it and always remember when to back off. Or as the infamous Kenny Rogers once said, “You’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to walk away.” Umm... unless you’re North Korea."

"I am a moron. Not all the time, but more often than I would like to admit."

"This year I learned how little I know. It has been humbling to discover my ignorance, my uninformed choices, and the unconscious assumptions that drive much of my thinking."

There will always be opinions, critics, naysayers, and God awful Bristol Palin dance moves. But in the end, you’ve got to be the one who calls the shots. Be brave, and even if your work is picked apart, keep believing in yourself. But if for some reason you decided to wear Jeggings...you might want to listen to your own inner critic."


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