My freakin resume

Geez Loueeze, my actual, comprehensive, says something about my career arc resume is SIX effing pages long! I've tried chopping it into specific resumes: Mc Jobs; Tech jobs; Art and production work. I'm not satisfied with the message they send about me segmented thusly. Mc Jobs- looks like that's the only work I can do. Tech- out of date skills. Art and production- spends a lot of time nearly naked pounding nails in the snow wearing something on fire (which might just be the best picture of all).

While baking quick breads.
On a motorcycle.

I LOVE the weird work I've done. When I grow up I want to keep doing that kind of stuff, and get paid for it. I have a couple career paths which are both completely awesome. My life as a front end builder I let wash down stream as I developed my art and production life. However my art and production life, while having been completely rewarding, really interesting and continues to develop, has all been done practically for free. I don't say that on my totally awesome six page resume though. Anybody who is remotely familiar with the organization I have been growing with will know it's all blood sweat and tears and maybe some wacky brownies.

In my colossal six page resume, the breaking of my leg, and the subsequent drop off of really great activities and jobs could be misconstrued as a change of career path or some other assumption. How do I say "and then I took off four years to heal 3 bones" without sounding like a whiny little shit.

That work has been completely rewarding, I love it and want to keep doing it, but I must shift from the physical design, application and execution of ideas to something less likely to hurt me. I can't pound nails and climb scaffolding forever. I'm presently in school, as you may know, for a fine arts degree in photography, which has dick to do with what I want to do when I grow up. This I know, and I have a plan. I need a BFA to get an MFA, so I might as well get the BFA in something I love and am pretty good at. I could get a BFA in illustration or 2D design or animation or art history too - and hell, who knows maybe I'll switch majors. It doesn't really matter. The MFA matters.

Photography isn't even on my six page resume. I have no chops whatsoever and I'm too much of a straight shooter to make stuff up for the purpose of bullshitting. I'll take advise on that one.


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