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I kinda really fucking hate Christmas. I really could stand to work on that. It would probably be different if I had kids to dote over, ensuring they had some kinda of fun with it. But instead it has ALWAY meant having to spend money I don't have and or not give gifts at all, certainly not receiving any (not that that's what it's about, but you get what you give), being four places at once for mandatory fun time. All four of those places have their own extra large pile of people to gift to. Must be awesome to be the place of reception - where you don't have to be the person traveling. Maybe xmas is the reason people have kids, so that one day they'll be the grandparent people visit for xmas. God I fucking hate Christmas. Maybe it's that my mom had a xmas party on my birthday once... and I didn't really have a birthday that year. That's probably it. You'd think I'd be able to let that go. Nope. That's a deep wound. I was commissioned to my room that night. I remember very clearly sneaking out to graze the party food. I ate Doritos and drank a lot of eggnog, then puked my guts out. Happy birthday. 32 years later that day still pisses me off. Christmas has always been a huge pain in the ass. I hate it. Christmas music is creepy saccharine... it can't be that good, people don't listen to it other times of the year do they? No. The Muppet Show record albums have way more charm, and are in my music collection. I fucking hate xmas. I've had the tremendous displeasure of working retail for the holiday season far too many times. That alone is enough to sour my faith in humanity. People are total asshats when they shop. You'd think their crap energy would transfer to their gift, so they are giving their asshattery on to the recipient. Well. That's probably true. The only thing that is awesome about Christmas are the Rankin/Bass puppet animations from the 70s, those're awesome. Otherwise Christmas sucks donkey.


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