5/365/069/1533, originally uploaded by Qathi.

I live in Portland now. My first real day in my new house. I've been here most weekends through Autumn doing stuff and taking care of things and whatnot, you know, like yah do. But last night I set the furnace to my preferences, made the bed with my sheets and blankets. My music playing contraption is set up and filling the house, my desk is coming together, books are migrating to the shelves, my dishes are in the cupboards. My taste, colors and preferences are present.

In becoming a real Oregonian, I put my OR license plates on my truck today. W00t.

JB has been in and out a thousand times. Every time she comes in she's bursting with excitement, she is totally stoked about the house. When she's not out, she's on my bed. I'd like her to establish herself in the rest of the house as well. I'm giving her a few more days to herself to stake some ground before I bring the other kitties home.


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