2 fer. 500 Photographers & Irene Andessner

I love 500 Photographers! Put this in your reader!

I'm going to quote the blog directly "500 photographers is a weblog that posts 5 active photographers a week for 100 weeks. The photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range, but they have to be worth looking at and have a certain level of quality. When we get to number 500, we will have a deep database of great photographers."

This week has introduced a group of photographers I'd never seen before - and I'm so glad to have them in my brain now. WOW! Photographer #191 Irene Andessner   Irene Andessner has be realizing self portraits since 1988!! They're amazing! Go look at her website. As a self portrait artist practicing my way through a long project, Irene's work is completely inspirational.


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