100 Portraits

A beautiful collection of portraits curated by Andy Adams of Flak Photo. Someday my stuff will be in there. Someday.

Looking at this group of images, 99% of them are light and filled with air, kind of like they are those funny balloons with another balloon inside, or a still snow-globe. Falling into a trap of comparison, I can't help but review my own work next to this group. I don't think "man my stuff is good enough to be in there" though, maybe it is, but "man my stuff is too dark to be in there." My images are close and tight, colorful in a claustrophobic way (much like my studio), more akin to being trapped in a cage of an amusement park ride at night, (or inside a tent in the noon sun),  than a snow-globe.  Being that my life is darkly colorful and claustrophobic -- and sometime occurs inside a tent at noon.  I am doing what I can to represent my truth. And that's all I can do, even if it completely misses a mark. Someday.  It's not like I'm shoving my work in front of anybody's face. When I'm ready. Someday.


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