FOR SALE Godspeed818

Godspeed 818 for sale.

The Godspeed 818, yes that's right The Godspeed 818, $1200 obo.

Ladies, this car is a total DUDE MAGNET. Just saying. 

The car itself is a 92 Ford Escort, 1.9L 5spd. I would like to recoup the money I've put into it's major repairs over the last year which are: timing belt, water pump, fuel pump, alternator, battery, idle air sensor, new tires (have about 200 miles on them). It needs a Power Train Controller (new brain) to be functional, this is a $125 part. The heater core leaked onto it and it went out - could also use a new heater-core. At present I have it rerouted. I have done regular maintenance (air filter, fuel filter, plugs and wires) and oil changes on this car, as well as the major repairs listed above. It got a new clutch at 75K. Presently has 113.5K on the odometer. 35+ mpg freeway, 25(ish) city. The sound system in it is meh, but it does have dance party removable speakers in the back (the front speakers sound like shit) CD player & AUX out. I have removed the rear passenger seat-backs for more space, but have them and the hardware to reinstall them, and will do this work if you wish. Clear title, has tags through May. Insurance has been cheap.  Driving the Godspeed 818 is like being in a parade all the time. It makes people smile, it's awesome. Honestly I hate to see it go. 

Please email me to make an appointment. It should go without saying, serious inquiries only. 


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