what's that mean really?

what's that mean really?, originally uploaded by Qathi.
Reckoning with love, what does that mean? To take stock of love to recount love, problem solving love?

I started out writing to myself that I should shut the fuck up and quit complaining about how I do or do not relate intimately with people. The intention of opening myself up, making space and so very seriously considering (if not whining about) how I relate to other people caused me to get up and seize the the Miter of Love's Reckoning.

I was thinking about how this opening - making space thing has some nice consequences. Isn't as "dangerous" as I've made it out to be for myself. Hanging out with people I like feels nice, that feeling has a lingering residue that is comfortable and uplifting. So even if hanging out with someone "imaginatively creative, brilliantly smart, wickedly funny and driven" doesn't lead anywhere at all, that's okay. Being in the company of such people is really great regardless.

Also, I think it means I could be perceived as boarderline creepy. But it's not all that. I understand the phrase Loves Reckoning, as a taking stock of "love" and I do that all the damn time.  I'm always reviewing how I relate to people, how I let people in or don't, how I relate to things, critters and relations.  I do have BE IN LOVE tattooed on my knuckles after all.


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