Medic, US Army

Medic, US Army, originally uploaded by Qathi.
For many veterans living their lives within communities of radical subcultures, being a vet can mean living with a conflicting duality and an odd type of isolation that is shared only with other vets. Their community of peers may have protested the wars and conflicts the vets have fought in and supported.  After serving their country honorably, be it as a volunteer or in mandatory service, coming home to friends and family who have not served can be challenging.  This project's first intention is to recognize and reach out to my fellow vets in an attempt to break this personal isolation and create a network of peers for each other. My second intent is to show diverse faces of vets who have served in the last 20 (ish) years.

If you are a vet, in the area between Seattle and Portland, live in a radical subculture, would like to participate, and are available to spend 15-30 minutes with me at my (home) studio in the central district, please contact me so we can set a time.  Additionally, I will have a studio set up at SeaCompression, please let me know there that you'd like to participate in the Veteran project (so that I can provide appropriate direction).   If you're outside of Seattle (on the way to or in PDX), let me know so that we may make special arrangements. I'll wrap up shooting December 5th 2010. Participants will receive copies of their photo.

The project is for an independent study program at Shoreline Community College where I am currently a student.


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