grrrrr she says, grrr.

grrrrr she says, originally uploaded by Qathi.
I'm splitting my time between Seattle and my aunts house while the estate sale is being handled - as I can comb through the stuff in the house to sort, recycle and toss and generally clean before the estate sale company arrives. My mom can't seem to toss a receipt where I have no problem with it. So I'm here ripping down all the magazine and newspaper clippings, sorting through 1001 pens, chucking all of the cosmetics, corralling all of the fake plants into one room and shuffling the things the fam wants or might want to keep into another, while some how magically not disturbing too much until after the memorial. I have every intention of being here Thursday through Sunday for a least a month (until the estate sale folks show up).

As I am spending more than half the week here, I've brought my cat JuneBug with me - who, by the way, in this light looks horrible, where did her fur go? At the moment my aunts two cats are still living here, I hope to get them into foster care by the end of the weekend. Their interactions have been... as expected. The boy, Shadow, is curious about JB (and seeks attention from me), the girl kitty Mocha wants nothing to do with the idea of JB and is remaining in hiding. JB hates them both equally. I accidentally got in the middle of a growl-off and got whacked. JB tool a flying leap at me, swinging like a drunk in a bar fight.

I do hope they sort it out. I think JB and Shadow will, but Mocha and JB might never manage to quite make it work. I say this because they are both standoffish cats to begin with and they're both female and ... JB is a big huge grouch. I'd like to send her to finishing school to learn some manners. Is there such a thing? Cat finishing school. I know through proper cat sorting, separating and management they will all get along in the house together. I'm not sure I could expect to see all of them sleeping on the bed together, though  I'm pretty sure they all want to.

And so it goes. Kitties, growling at each other for the sake of existing. So bershon. They'll grow out of it.


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