The 11th hour, your story?

I understand deciding at the last minute to not go to Burning Man - you have a ticket to sell, awesome, great, shows you're planning ahead and resigning to reality. I get the last minute ride requests, I myself am just today considering looking for a ride, as my car needs an expensive repair (again, the same repair done 8 months ago), pushing it it seams like a crap idea - it was only yesterday the problem revealed itself. I get last minute gear requests, I can project that maybe you just realized your cooler grew legs and walked away, your (my) playa bike was stolen from the yard, your tent zipper has failed beyond repair, or you're missing pieces to critical playa essentials - and you (I) hadn't planned for 1K+ in extra expenses to make it actually happen. I am completely compassionate to circumstances of that nature.  

In my efforts to not be a judgmental jerk (particularly of those looking for cheap or free tickets 2 weeks before the event), I want to understand how one decides in the 11th hour to attend Burning Man. I am sincerely asking for tales of your inspiration and hope, I want to be inspired by your ambition. What's motivated you to go for it?

Please, do tell. 


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