yip 309 Emilee Wood

yip 309 Emilee Wood, originally uploaded by Qathi.

Emilee Wood, Landscape Designer, Shoreline Community College, 2009

As I've been making pictures of the campus grounds, I've been wanting to get pictures of the landscapers to join the set. Today I walked past Emilee and instantly thought "damnit, I've just walked past an opportunity" in my efforts to stop being okay with that, I turned around and asked for her portrait. I explained the "project" to her and she agreed.... it seemed as if she wouldn't comply for a minute or two. She asked me what I liked about the landscaping - I then proceeded to gush and gush and gush, I almost cried (srsly). I am most fond of the balance of chaotic elements with structured calming elements and the very intentional visual language that is utilized at every vantage point. It was nice to say "I'm paying attention to your efforts. Thank you for making and maintaining this intentional space."


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