thursday walk 174

thursday walk 174, originally uploaded by Qathi.

Today, as I was returning to school after some lunch time errands, I drove past this young man picking berries on campus. I was endeared by the mere fact that he was out at lunch crawling through the bramble picking berries to the tune of "aww that's so sweet". I munched on my lunch in my car for a while and then went to ask if I could take his picture. He wasn't really into it, but didn't mind, so I shot from afar. Really it's just the idea of it that I found sweet. His name is Tembe and he's an international dental hygiene student. After talking a bit he held up hi bounty, smiled and said, "I don't even like berries, I'm picking them to share."

Awwww that's so sweet!

I'd have loved to take his portrait, but he was so shockingly beautiful I kinda got all ga-ga and didn't ask.

He says photo-graphy which I totally l-o-v-e.


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