yip 137

day 967, originally uploaded by Qathi.

YIP2009137 "Year in Pictures 2009" © 2009 Qathi Hart

vile headache
the day is a total wash
too bad too, I think it is nice out
haven't slept well for a few weeks it's wearing on me

cutting down on caffeine - from 2 big coffees and 2 pops a day to 1 small coffee - I've been following a reduction plan, so I'm not going cold turkey or anything crazy, but man oh man this is tough work. you'd think I'd be sleeping well, but no. However, the cut back is serving it's purpose - which is to reduce the heart fluttery action that has been going on in my chest for a couple months - that is the fluttery freak out has been reduced. I can't say that it's gone, I can still feel it, it's just not as violent, which is a step in the right direction. Instead my jaw is clenched, my teeth hurt and my head hurts. Good times. I think, even if I were in a good mood my headache would dominate this picture.


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