day 107/838

day 107/838, originally uploaded by Qathi.

I f-ing got tagged for the 16 things, I've been saving it for this day. Since I did 13 things last year on this day. tight reasoning i know.

1. Went off Prozac
2. Went off trazadone
3. Went off welbutrin
4. I’m a danger to myself
5. Need meds of some kind
6. I don’t think I’ve had a drink since September – not on purpose, just happens that I’m broke
7. Which confirms, my headaches are not hangovers
8. My cat pees on other peoples stuff, often
9. Totally tanked the SAT
10. Applying to university for BFA in Photography hopefully I’ll get in with my horrid scores
11. I don’t drive or ride anymore, my neck hurts too much
12. My desk is always a mess
13. But my workflow is pretty good
14. I struggle with self worth.
15. Recently learned my grandma on my dad’s side is Eurasian – which explains a few things. I don’t know enough yet to elaborate.
16. I’ve gained 25lbs this year

Ah what else
quick year in review
....yeah I got nuthin


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