You know what we do well? Make shit and burn it. That's right burn shit.

Quite a few members of our community, have been busting their butts
burning shit for our entertainment for years. They just happen to be
where you are, and you just happen to be facing the right direction to
see them burn their shit. The rare opportunities we get to see big
shit burn is at Burning Man or some city in southern climes. It's a
bummer that we have to drive 1600 miles round trip and put ourselves
in possible peril to support our friends in their passions for burning

You know what would be cool?
If they could burn shit here in Seattle. Yeah, that would be cool.
And if we all showed up to watch them burn shit, on purpose.
That's right, go with intent of facing the right direction at the right time.

That time, friends is upon us.
The weekend of December 20th and 21st The Seattle Center Winterfest
Solstice Fire Festival. The fire festival is new there will be more.
But this year, we have to show up. It's free. starts at 4pm, 2 days
in a row.

So please consider supporting your friends.
Show up, face the right direction at the right time.
Hug your friends for a job well done. In fact bring a blanket, wrap up
two friends at once. There will be so many of theme it will be easy to
catch them.
Snug up to a warm fire sculpture in your own hometown - think of the
gas you'll save.

Seriously, Winterfest. Go. Be a participant.
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