I love snow, I love snow sports. I love to hurl myself through space at an alarmingly quickened pace. It's probably be prudent of me to slow down some, or so the Universe tells me. I think my first broken leg & then foot + sprained ankle (all of which from this point henceforth will be referred to as 'leg') was really a big huge red flag being waved in my face to slow the fuck down to gain some perspective. Slow down I have, I haven't been anywhere near snow in a couple years, and I've been sad about it, thinking doom and gloom, I'll never ride again, as I lay in bed nursing a very painful leg, trying to keep my spirits up with heating pads and failing pain management efforts. The last two winters have been so glum, I figured this one would be the same - as autumn didn't give me much hope.

As it so happens I was really quite sick this fall, finally getting myself to the doctor and on antibiotics. Before feeling the intended effects of the course of medication, I noticed my leg stopped hurting - stopped hurting for the first time in 2 years. Sure I've probably had a moment or two in the last couple years where I felt particularly good, but nothing like this. I didn't want to jinx it, so I didn't mention it to B for a couple weeks, I wanted to be sure it really wasn't hurting. A few days ago I thought to myself 'I'd like to go snowboarding, wonder where my pants are' and it wasn't followed by an Eeyore voice getting down on myself for what I can't do, I honestly felt like I could really go riding.

I've been keeping a tight mental check on my leg, daily meditation system check to identify what I am feeling. I've been going for daily walks, which would normally end feeling like I was on fire, now are met with some muscle soreness around where my fibula is articulated. I'm really stoked.

I am curious what in my leg got treated as an aside to the intended treated affliction? Should I mention it to my doctor? My reasoning skills suggest to me that I should go back promptly to talk about it and ask for further investigation. I don't feel that whatever it was that got some attention from the antibiotics has been fully treated. I have a lot of questions; did I have some low level bacterial infection in my leg bones for 2 years? Did my body fend it off just enough to allow me to be constantly be sick with everything under the sun yet keep me from the edge of death? Will it come back? Is it even gone? I need to go back - it's so expensive, as an uninsured it's really challenging to muster it up to get in to a doc, and then hope to pay for it.

Anyway, I'm feeling great, and think I have more great in me. I can feel even better. I know it. AND the first spare cash I can guiltlessly throw at a lift ticket, I will.
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