day 57/788 a modest proposal. Can I get one of these in gortex?

day 57/788 a modest proposal. Can I get one of these in gortex?
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this is not a well formed thought - and I'll be editing it.

Those who know me in real life may have noticed without a second thought that I am always pretty covered up and I don't wear makeup much. I am super modest and almost always have been. My modesty is deep seated and very old, yet has nothing to do with religion. I wish it did it'd be easier to explain if it were ever questioned, which it isn't. Now, I've gotten all kinds of sexy when it comes to costumes, oh boy, that's a different story!

The following video series on the hijab discusses why and how it's managed in Islam, many of the same tenants apply to my own modesty.

I'm seriously considering some kind of super westernized non-religious head covering to top off my already modest personal dress code.

I'm not quite sure what it would look like, probably not nearly as elegant as hijab, and likely not nearly as flamboyant as this yellow scarf. I already wear a hat and hood as it is, but that's pretty low brow. I know there must be other non-religious women who practice modest dress - wow to say it that way makes it sound creepy - lets try that again, I know there must be other women who aren't practicing or devoutly religious who observe some level of personal modesty with fun funky urban styling.

... I just let my fingers do the walking here


Wall Street Journal

The articles talk about girls and young women rebelling against trends to be sexy. Standing up for their dignity and personal choices to behave how they see fit for themselves - perhaps a 4th wave of feminism is occurring. The author of Girls gone Mild interviewed an 11 year old girl who was fed up with her shopping experiences, looking for shirts and pants that overlap.

That I can relate to! I'm kinda tall, shirts are generally too short for me, unless I buy them at an LDS approved store for modest layering options. I've talked about how hard it is to find longer shirts, and people look at me like I'm crazy...especially guys... like why the hell would I want to cover my tummy? Um, because I'm cold. A few years ago I started wearing wide knit or crochet scarves around my midsection to fill the gap between my shirts and pants. Thankfully present fashions have been a little longer.

I'm of the mind to agree with the idea that the veil is empowering. I agree that covering up does allow us to be seen for our character and skills. The more tattooed I am, the more I cover up - it's just nobodies business, you'd be surprised by how many strangers touch me. My hair, I love it kooky colored, love it, feels totally natural to me, but I acknowledge that I am creating barriers for myself. I got the most crap when I had dreadlocks, (rolls eyes). I imagine, I'm making myself unemployable by having kooky hair - wearing something like hijab seems like the most obvious and easy way to eliminate that as a possibility.

My boyfriend is probably going to think I'm nuts.


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