day 18/749

day 18/749
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Mmm got a haircut for a job interview tomorrow. Think they'll notice it's pink?

Had an information meeting at a school. Yeah, I need to realign my reality a little.

Came home to dig into another area of interest to learn that I'm not physically qualified to apply for the program because my leg isn't healed. I really really don't qualify. Damn. That burst my bubble.

Every time I encounter *that* I get pouty. Yep, I'm not able bodied. I can't stand all day, walk for hours or lift heavy things anymore, nor climb ladders or push or pull. Nope, not me.

After pouting a bit I turned to poking at my SAT study guide.

Then I watched a movie. Persepolis, nice light hearted little thing :-/

Ghetto Strobist info
40w tungsten continuous output camera right, 2m, 11:00 camera level
daylight ring flouro continuous output camera left, 3m, 5:00, camera level
hand held, white, LED continuous output camera left, .5m, low


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