Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Please consider contributing to my Indiegogo campaign for my super awesome wicked cool film, A Movie About A Plane Crash.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanks, and Please Rattle the Bushes

I want to thank everybody who has contributed to my Movie About A Plane Crash campaign. Shout outs to Ken, Irene, Richard and Leslie Jane, Joey & Gabi, Joel, Lily S, Katja, Amani, Sarah Heidi and Crystal, your belief in me and this project means the world to me.

Please help spread the word =) by sharing the link and telling your friends. Thank you.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Oculus Sky Scrapes

I'm making (and crowdfunding) a movie about a plane crash, please check out the campaign 

THIS VIDEO: Inspired by James Turrell's Skyscape installations. This is watercolor on paper, watercolor concentrate on 16mm film, glitched with Audacity, assembled with After Affects, Premier and Final Cut(and glitched again). Intended to be a video installation, projected in a white-box gallery.

Music from the Free Music Archive:
Untitled 10, Yuskuke Tsutsumi
The Idea of North, The Gateless Gate
Endless Story About Sun and Moon, Kai Engle
Fall Moon, Buildings and Mountains
and wolf howls stretched to 568%

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Movie About A Plane Crash needs your contributions!
GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! I'm making a movie! Please contribute to my crowdfunding campaign, and help spread the love by telling your friends about this kick ass movie your awesome friend is making. You'll hold your breath through half of it begging for the suspense to end. For less than the cost of a movie and popcorn you'll get your own copy and you can collect enough of your own tears to water the plants!

This movie is more than just my thesis film, this story has great potential to connect with lots of people on so many levels. While it's a true story about my family and me, it's a story about survival and tenacity. If you've ever wondered, 'WTF Q you're intense', this whole film tells you why, but it's not just about me, or or the specific accident we survived, it's about acknowledging and honoring profound life changing trauma. This movie explores what it's like getting a second chance at life.

commanded by cats

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A list of holiday gifts to give, if that's your thing

I generally don't give a hoot about holidays, except Qathimas, (Dec 17), but I know a lot of people who do like to give gifts for holidays and I was thinking that it'd be a great time to suggest a holiday gift giving list to consider for your loved ones. Everything here is made by independent artists and proprietors. Everything.

The Art of Asking, by Amanda Palmer,
I have both the book and the audio and it's fucking wonderful.

Do you give a hoot about someone who likes to color? My friend Jennifer Lankenau Illustration​, has a couple of beautiful coloring books available on amazon - I'm not sure if they're available in a physical location or not.

Someone on your hoot list like handcrafted jewelry? My friends Heather & Todd over at the The Pacifik Image have charming pieces.

Speaking of jewelry, know someone with disgustingly big ear holes, but you love them enough to enable their self-modeling, Blessings To You Jewelry has some ridiculous ear weights I especially like the sloths, but there's bears and bees and bats, and standard earrings as well.

Have a hirsute man in your life? Man Face Stuff will make his-man face smell nice with beard balms and moustache wax in scents like gin & tonic, coffee, cinnamon, and "stiff breeze" which is an evergreens and sage scent,

Ceramics your jam? Martina Thornhill might have a jam jar in her collection,  although I think her instagram has more stuff and updates

We all know many many artists who make really great stuff who don't have sites set up for selling, reach out, find your friends and ask how you can purchase directly from them, maybe it's as simple as attending an art fair or farmers market. Collecting hoots for your gift giving season from local and independent artists gives to two people, the artist and the hoot receiver.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ran it through the glitcherator

I jammed the two watercolor pieces together and ran it through the glitcherator machine a few times. I'll add music and change the timing next.
I'm interested in how these play large in white-box gallery space, the procinimatic expression of color washes cast upon the walls and the way that additional blending of color effects the experience of being in the same room with this work.

I made a Facebook Artist page for you to go "like" I'm not sure what we get out of it yet, but there it is, if you're a facebooker, please do, go "like" the page =)