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$2200 / 321 sqft Studio, a vintage building "revitalized"!

$2200 / 321 sqft Studio, a vintage building "revitalized"!

Seattle, you've jumped the shark.

Seattle you were once an affordable and wickedly cool place to live. Now you "revitalize" what were reasonably affordable buildings by subdividing livable spaces into a micro apartments the size of a camper, for the low low price of, triple the cost of the larger apartments they once were.

I went away to college, in that time you've changed so much I hardly recognize you. I've been dreaming of going home to you my beloved hometown. I gave you so much of myself, we made some beautiful things together, I was really looking forward to sharing what I've learned while I was away, teaching, capturing your stories and making new art together. You've nipped and tucked everything that made you interesting. Good luck Seattle! I hope you find what you're looking for, and I hope that you somehow manage to survive without the depth and richness you once had.


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